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Fun and inspired, weddings are an unparalleled special event; we get excited about being involved in the celebration of a lifetime!  Le moulin bleu Wedding Caterers are well aware of the importance that this day holds:  it marks the beginning of a lifetime, an important event not just for the wedding couple, but for their families and friends as well.

Le moulin bleu Wedding Caterer loves weddings!  Shower catering, wedding reception catering… we want to make your wedding dream a reality.  Our event planners and banquet managers will stop short of nothing to ensure that your wedding event is executed perfectly.  We will listen to your needs, assess the challenges and lead you through every step to ensure a wonderful experience.

Le moulin bleu Wedding Caterers specialize in cross-cultural menus. We offer an extensive multi-cultural cusine, offering various menus, flavours and ethnic selections from all over the world. Food for wedding menus has included Lebanese-Irish, Polish-French Canadian, East Indian-West Indian, Italian-English menu combinations, as well as traditional Canadian cuisine.  Our service style varies from a choice of casual buffet-style service to a white-glove Russian or French-service style to suit your needs.  All of our full service menus can be customized to your tastes and preferences, and include multiple courses that will be sure to please the palate.

We work hard to make it easy for you. Our priority is to make you proud of your wedding, large or small. With 15 years expertise in planning memorable wedding receptions, we know where and how to find the very best.

Serving Montreal, Laval and the South Shore, Le moulin bleu Wedding Catering service takes pride in our ability to bring to you your choice of simple, sensational catering to the most elaborate worry-free wedding packages.

Please take a look at some Sample Wedding Menus – receptions that it has been our pleasure to cater.

October Wedding
60 People
French Service



Salmon mousse, Ham and cheese roll on pineapple,
 Egg with caper, Tuna florette, Stuffed cherry tomato,
 Cucumber star, Shrimp and guacamole,
 Prosciutto melon cornet

Hors d’oeuvre

Asparagus bundles, Feta and Sun-dried
 tomato bundles, Broccoli quiche,
 Stuffed mushrooms, Spanakopita, Cigarillos,
 Sweet ‘n Sour meatballs, Vegetarian cornet

Entrée No. 1

Smoked salmon garnished
 with lemon and dill

Entrée No. 2

Pumpkin and Squash soup,
 served from the pumpkin

Main Course

Caribou tournedos

Braised potatoes

Brussel Sprouts and Carrots

Cheese Platter with Raisins and Baguettes


Wedding Cake: Chiffon Cake with Raspberry Coulis

Colombian Coffee/tea
September Wedding
100 People
Buffet Service



Smoked Salmon rosette, Herbed Cream
 Cheese rosette, Chicken and Canteloupe cornet,
 Melon Prosciutto, Bocconchini and Pesto

Tropical Bar

Orange-Kiwi, Orange-Strawberry, Orange-Raspberry,
Sangria, Open bar (alcohol provided by Clients)



Caesar Salad, Garden Salad

Main Course

Seafood vol-au-vent

Andalusian chicken

Italian-style Roasted potatoes with
 olive oil, oregano, garlic

Vegetable medley: zucchini, mushrooms,
 miniature corn, snowpeas, carrots


Wedding Cake: Carrot cake with Basket Weave design
Crêpes (regular and chocolate), Raspberries,
 Chocolate fondu with bananas, clementines,
 strawberries, apples

Colombian coffee/tea

August Wedding

150 people

French Service


Canapés, Hors d’oeuvre

Tropical Fruit Juice Bar with Summer Drinks:
 Mint Tea, Blackcurrent cordial,
 Ginger beer

Entrée No. 1

Confetti Shrimp with red-pepper sauce,
 garnished with lime

Entrée No. 2

Cheese and spinach fazoletti with rosa sauce

Minestrone Soup

Main Course

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Saffron rice with raisins and apples

Green and yellow beans with baby carrots

Garden salad


Individual Chocolate mousse cake
 (with Bride and Groom’s Initials)

Colombian Coffee/tea

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