Catering Corporate Luncheons To Private Parties To Suit You Needs
Catering is
… the art of food preparation and of serving of the food in a banquet or sit-down service. The setting may be very casual or very formal. Whether formal or informal, a catering proposal will include:
Menu proposal
Rental arrival time
Staff arrival time
Bar open time
Meal serve time
Bar close time
Rental pickup
Staff over-time
Other requests (flowers, décor, music, etc.) 
Each of these factors affects the catering price.
Le moulin bleu’s catering service has organized many events requiring working with a particular theme or event.  For example, a travel agency hosting a series of differing themes, a wedding reception featuring a Hallowe’en theme, a political Montreal fundraiser featuring Montreal smoked meat, a Squash Club hosting an Oktoberfest buffet.
Le moulin bleu Catering Service can provide you with custom menu design and event coordination, and can assist you with planning everything from working luncheons in your office or boardroom to corporate functions, International conferences, private parties and weddings.
Some details…
Corporate Catering
Whether it’s a business breakfast or a power lunch, a cocktail reception, board dinner, boxed lunch, grand opening, business meeting, or retirement party, Le moulin bleu has just the thing for your company event. We can provide waiters, bartenders and on-site chefs, as well as full rentals and complete event planning services. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to meet with you and work out all the details, large and small, that will make your function a big success.
Service Staff
Chef, Maitre D’, Captain, Servers and Bartenders are available to serve you as required.
May include tables, chairs, dance floor, plants, tabletop (china, flatware, glassware, linens, chargers), bar glassware, serving equipment, salt/peppers, etc… for that extra special touch.
Bar Services
We offer assistance in obtaining the mandatory Liquor License which authorizes the serving of liquor for your event. Pick up and delivery of alcoholic beverages. We also offer experienced, professional advice with regard to selections and quantities.
Custom Orders
We welcome custom orders for particular dietary restrictions.  Vegetarian, low fat, gluten free can be made to order as desired. Please advise of any food allergies.
Unique Menus
Le moulin bleu offers an extensive multi-cultural cuisine, offering various menus, flavours and ethnic selections from all over the world.. All of our full service menus can be customized to your tastes and preferences, and include multiple courses that will be sure to please the palate.
Your comments and recipe suggestions are always appreciated.
Limousines, valet parking, tents, BBQ equipment, audio/visual/lighting equipment, ice sculptures, flowers, balloons, decorations, are available at your discretion.

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